Are You Androgynous?

Humans are different. Boys and girls are different. There are many differences between us, both physical or personality traits. However, there are still many stereotypes in our community or culture that we have to fulfill. Boys should grow up to be masculine and girls should grow up to be feminine. This is happening and this is real. The well-adjusted male is supposed to be independent aggressive, and powerful. The well-adjusted female is supposed to be dependent, nurturant, and uninterested in power. If we are not being like that way, people will not like us or even hate ourselves. The masculine characteristics are considered to be healthy and good by society and the female characteristics are considered undesirable.


This happens since our great grandmothers generation. In 1990s, as both females and males have become dissatisfied with the burdens imposed by their stereotypic roles, alternative to feminity and masculinity are proposed. Instead of describing masculinity and feminity as a continuum in which more of one means less if the other, it is proposed that individuals could have both masculine and feminine traits.

Do you know that many feminists fear that gender differences will be interpreted as female deficiencies and will be seen as biologically based? They argue that such conclusions could revive traditional stereotypes that females are innately inferior to males. Females have to be like this and that. Well, this stereotype makes many feminists worry. Therefore, the development of the concept of androgyny has found. This refers to presence of desirable masculine and feminine characteristics in the same person. This is the reason the ‘tomboy’ kind of girls do exist and the ‘fashionable’ kind of boys do exist. The androgynous boy might be assertive and nurturant. In other way, the androgynous girl might be powerful and sensitive to others’ feelings. In simple words, both they can be masculine and feminine at the same time. Androgynous is not one’s tendecies of sexual attraction. Androgynous is pertaining to a feature or characteristic that is not definitively of either sex. Many scientists and psychologists believe that a great mind must be androgynous. So, are you androgynous? (Michelle)

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