Everyone has their own talent, power and mind. However, have you ever felt like nobody cares about yours? I am sure that you have joined a team for the rest of your life, where everybody, trapped inside a division or a mission which is not quite fit with them. Such as a basketball player who were in forward position but unfortunately his coach asked him to play in center or a guitarist who became a pianist for a band concert because the pianist got fever. I guess you want to yell out that you do not like your job description, right? Or perhaps do you want to try to do your job well even you do not like it?


What will happen if one of team members is still doing his job which is not his true calling? First, his spirit will become less slowly because your team member’s talent would feel his talent is not used properly. Second, frustration will come because he would feel he failed to show his best for his team. Next, there will be under-pressure feeling because the talent is not used the way it supposed to be so he will be panic and confuse what he have to do. Degradation would have come after that because everyone is failed to look on others’ talent.


Many people who have already known their passion will do everything they can to get it; otherwise they will not be happy. It is important to always put a right person into a right place in a team. The place is belong to ‘someone’ right so they will be happy. What is happiness itself? Are you really happy about who you are? There are many skills we have; however we can’t upgrade and choose those all. We have to concentrate on what skill we want to improve at. Thus, we need to maximize our talents and realize what the others’.


Get to know, provide, support, and appreciate are the keys to know the others’ best. How about us? Do we need to show our best effort to the world, to our team? You already know the answer.


Be the best part of you is not that difficult. First you have to know what your talent is.

80% of your time for your activity or major you are talented on.

15% of your time for your activity or major you are concentrating on or interested in.

5% of your time for your activity or major you are bad at.


Do not be afraid of showing your talent. Be afraid of not having talent at all. Develop, speak up, show them, prove it. (Michelle)



“tragedy doesn’t happen when we are trapped into one talent only; but happens when we do not know how to develop that.” – Edgar W.Work


From Chapter Six on ‘Dare to Dream’ by John C Maxwell

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