Human is a main creature in the universe. Humans can destroy the balance of environment through their activities, so humans have a big responsibility to solve the problems which they create.
Global warming as the main environmental problem since Industrial Revolution Era,  has so many impacts in our life, like an increasing  carbon dioxide in atmosphere, sea-water level, global temperature, and so many disasters.
Greenpeace and another organizations which move in environmental project, have organized so many conventions and conferences on climate change and environmental development. But, I think the follow up step or it’s implementation didn’t work properly, as long as there are still so many people don’t care to have sustainable life. Use too much plastic bags, throw their rubbish just everywhere, wasteful energy, and over deforestation or minerals of natural source who made by capitalist industry. Besides, it is our responsibility to inspire and ask people to start caring about planet. My biggest motivation comes from the reality around me, especially on what is happening in my country. I’m sure that if there are many people who care about environmental sustainability through the way which each person can do, then we’ve contributed to saving the day and prepare for a better life in the future. “It does not matter who we are, the most important is what we can do for our world”.
We found several obstacles and sometimes feel anxiety. The success of go green project is should be become the project for everyone, it’s not easy and need a process. Some people still don’t care to concern on issues of environmental and social, due to lack of information and awareness of themselves. Some project definitely need knowledge and funds to carry it out. But, one thing that we need to keep in mind: actually we can start to life GREEN from simple way. Good habits in saving energy, diet plastic, prefer to eat local food, and happy walking and cycling than vehicle, are so many simple ways we can contribute.
Dear young people,  We have so much ideas, energy and network. We are not alone, there are so many people will walk with us.
Let’s inspire and get contribute!
Perhaps, we are not a great scientist who knows a lot of knowledge in the field of environment, we aren’t not a billionaire who is able to fund it all too. We are young people who still need a lot of education and get the opportunity to submit our aspirations in ”Think Green”, so we can strive to unite everyone, including scientists and billionaires for alike engaged and move to be GREEN generation of this century and beyond. (Hz)

Hanifah Zulfa

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